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Hyacinth Paul, PhD is a retired professor and scientist turned designer, who loves and supports the creative process and is determined to create a philanthropic, socially responsible business that gives back to her community.  Part of Hyacinth’s goal with Simply Hyacinth is to donate 25% of her net profits to support education and entrepreneurship. Throughout her retirement, she has worked with FAME (Fashion Aids Medical Education) as well as the Montgomery County Medical Society Alliance, which raises scholarship funds in the health sciences field, as well as several other organizations in the Dayton area. For several years, she has collaborated with Saks 5th Avenue to host fundraising events that support local scholarships. With her small business, Hyacinth is looking to make a big impact in Dayton, the United States and beyond. The book is a direct result of her research into creating a toy for children.  For more information please visit https://simplyhyacinth.com/  This book is self published and now available on many channels throughout the world including Amazon.